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5 reasons to keep your electrician’s

5 reasons to keep your electrician’s number handy

In a time when we are so dependent upon electricity to help maintain our lifestyle and standard of living, electricians are indispensable. From the machine that brews your coffee in the morning, to the washing machine that washes your clothes, your everyday household gadgets need electricity. 

So when facing an electrical fault in your home, getting to the root cause quickly will be a priority. Read on for reasons why you should keep your electrician’s number handy at all times.

01. CCTV installation

Whether it is for your commercial or residential property, wanting to keep your building safer and more secure could be a need that crops up overnight. If you find yourself in this situation, then your local electricians can help you with the whole process without fail.

02. Gadget installation

Whether it is mounting your new television, or installing home theatres and powerpoint projectors, your local electrician can do this for you safely and effectively. With safety a primary concern with electric equipment, it is important not to DIY this.

03. Light fixture installation

Whether changing light fixtures, installing LED lights, or anything related, your local electrician can help you with this too. Not only will they have all the right tools and equipment, but they will be able to complete the job quickly, safely and efficiently, leaving you to get on with your day.

04. New property wiring

If you’re building a new property from scratch then it is important to have the wiring done correctly from the get-go. Electricians can take care of everything that a new home needs. From smoke alarms, plug points, light switches, media walls and power points, working with an electrician means that you can focus on other aspects of building your home. Electricians can similarly also assist in home extensions and renovations in order to ensure that nothing is missed.

05. Emergency services

If you have a sudden power outage, or suffer in the aftermath of a storm, or any similar electrical emergency, then ringing your local electrician is crucial. A 24 hour a day service is vital to ensure that your home is safe and running smoothly at all times. With many people working from home, power cuts can be extremely damaging as well as simply being inconvenient. 


When your electrics are running smoothly, it is easy to dismiss ever needing an electrician, however, electrical problems are not uncommon. Keeping your local electrician’s number handy can be vital to the safety and security of your home. 

At Blackout Electrical Group we can help with electrical emergencies of all kinds, including power outages, power failure, blown fuses, faulty light fittings and light switches, switchboards, power points, wiring, and more. We can also come out to deal with any electrical problems in the aftermath of emergencies, such as flooding or storm damage. Keep our number handy, and give us a call at any time of day.

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