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Blackout Electrical group are a team of licensed electricians providing high end services to the people and businesses in the city of Melbourne. Contact us today to on 0411 405 783 to discuss your queries or request a quote online.

We specialise in all things electrical including residential electrical services, commercial electrical services, electrical maintenance, safety inspections/compliance checks and 24/7 emergency response. We are a family owned and operated business with a wealth of knowledge in the electrical industry.

Some of our many services

Led Lighting Upgrades

Led lighting is the way of the future. With many benefits including saving money on your energy bill and a longer life span. Get in touch today to upgrade your old lighting to new led energy efficient lighting.

Ceiling Fan
Electrical safety inspections

Electrical safety inspections are happening more frequently now more than ever. If you want an inspection done on your commercial premise give us a call to get a comprehensive electrical audit done on your premise.

Generator Set
Electrical Maintenance

Commercial premises always require electrical maintenance. We can help with the maintenance  including burn tout PowerPoint that’s need changing or a faulty light switch causing problems. Electrical Maintenance is one of our areas of specialty and we help our customers in dealing with their problems.

Switchboard Upgrades

The electrical safety on your commercial premise cannot be taken lightly. We recommend getting safety switches installed on your premises electrical supply. Weather you have an old ceramic fuse switchboard or a new style switchboard we can install safety switches and ensure your premise is safe and sound.

Ceiling Fan
Smoke alarm installation

Smoke alarms are another big important safety feature in your home. They detect when there is smoke inside the premise and notify the people in the home that there is a problem. Get in touch with our team to get your smoke alarms serviced or even if you are needing some smoke alarms installed.

Generator Set
Emergency and exit lighting

Exit and emergency lighting systems must be inspected and certified every 6 months. We help with exit and emergency light testing along with installation as well. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help with your exit and emergency lighting queries.

24/7 emergency service

We replace burnt wires due to power overload to accidental instances such as water damages. We also setup wire installments for commerical establishments.

Electric Insurance
Electrical Rewiring

Older homes throughout Melbourne tend to have the old black rubber or cotton cabling which is deemed very dangerous by energy safe Victoria. If you have an older home please call us to inspect your wiring in order to ensure that your home is safe from electrical fire/hazards.

LED Bulb
Fault finding

We replace burnt wires due to power overload to accidental instances such as water damages. We also setup wire installments for commerical establishments.

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