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Any questions on your mind? Check out our frequently asked questions list. These questions are the ones which are usually the most asked by our customers through phone or e-mail.

A residual current device is also known as a safety switch. It is designed to monitor current travelling through the circuit and disconnect the power when it senses an imbalance or fault in the wiring, appliance, or electrical fitting.

No, you cannot complete electrical tasks at your own home. Always call an electrician if it involves electricity. It can kill and is very dangerous so please contact an electrician for all electrical works.

Areas we service are included on the home page of this website. Please have a look at the areas we service. Go on the first page and scroll all the way to the bottom.

If you have an old switchboard with ceramic fuses then you will most likely need a switchboard upgrade.

Our normal operating hours are 7am to 5pm but we are also available 24 hours for after hour call outs and emergency call outs.

Smoke alarms should be replaced every 10 years and the battery should be replaced every year. It will most likely need that battery replaced. If you replace the battery and it continues to beep then it will need replacing.

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