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How To Prevent Power Surges From Damaging Your Electronics

Sometimes, you could be curled up with a cup of hot chocolate with Netflix, only to find yourself submerged in darkness in the next minute. Or you could be sheltering from the storm, enjoying the warmth, light and security of your home, only for the power to go out within minutes. The electricity can sometimes return quickly, but be unstable. If you find yourself in these scenarios and are worried for the impact on your appliances then read on for some tips :

Unplug your devices during a storm

Electronics are valuable possessions. Laptops, desktop personal computers, microwave ovens and other expensive kitchen equipment can be expensive to purchase and often hold a huge amount of personal information.

Power surges can damage your equipment beyond repair, and therefore the first thing to do when the electricity goes off is to unplug any valuable appliances. If the power returns suddenly, you don’t want any sudden jolts to damage your expensive desktop.

Install a surge protector

A surge protector will be a worthwhile substitute to install for instances where you may not always be available to unplug items around your home. A surge protector is designed to redirect which is then absorbed before it reaches your electronics.

How to ensure your surge protector does not stop working

The key is to not overload your surge protector and ensure that it is installed in an area away from water or anything that prevents airflow. Also be sure to check that it is not overheating.

Call in the professionals to check over your electrical system

The electric circuit around your home is crucial for everyday life. Much of our family, work and social lives revolve around being able to work, wash clothes, relax with the television. Having the power go suddenly can be incredibly inconvenient, especially if you are not prepared for this.

In order to prevent any unwanted surprises, the best thing is to regularly have your home electric system serviced and checked over by an electrician who can spot any hazards and rectify any problem areas.


In today’s day and age, some of our biggest investments are our electronic possessions. Your game consoles, entertainment systems, televisions, desktops and laptops are no doubt important to your everyday life. In order to protect them from damage from power surges, you should unplug them straight away if there is a power cut.

You should also consider installing a surge protector and also getting your home checked out by a professional. If you’re worried about anything related to your home electronics, then get in touch with one of our residential electricians in Melbourne today at Blackout Electrical Group and we will be happy to advise on any issue.