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Electrical Hazards To Look Out For Around The Home

Our modern lifestyle is exceptionally dependent upon electricity. So many of our household gadgets and appliances depend on electricity to work that it can lead to all sorts of hazardous overload on the sockets and circuits. The following are a number of common hazards to look for around the home.

Sockets and outlets close to water

Sockets in bathrooms and kitchens should be installed away from sinks. Water is a conductor of electricity and sockets too close to water can be hazardous.

Lightbulbs near flammable materials

Lightbulbs tend to heat up when in use, therefore you should make sure they are not near anything flammable such as plastics, drapes, beds, curtains and similar items. These materials can catch fire that can spread easily throughout your home.

Poor Wiring 

Wiring is one thing you should never cut corners on. For a safe home, you must use good quality wiring which reduces your chances of power surges and fires. Damaged electrical wires can cause unexpected fires, causing danger to the whole family. 

Covered wires and cords

While it may be rare, covered cords and wires can overheat, leading to fires. It is important to keep electrical cords uncovered where possible.  

Inquisitive children

Young children are incredibly curious, and therefore may run into hazards with electrical outlets. They see adults plug in their gadgets and sometimes attempt to insert their own items. To be safe, where possible, try to keep sockets and outlets out of reach of children. Any unused outlets can be covered up with a safety plug too.

Avoid wet hands

We are always going to be doing things with water around the home. From washing hands to cooking and bathing. For the same reason we should not have outlets near sinks and taps, we should also not handle live wires and plugs with wet hands. This can be incredibly hazardous and even fatal. 

Extension cords

Due to the sheer number of electrical appliances around the home, we often use extension wires. However, these can be hazardous if not installed properly. Try to avoid loose wires to prevent accidents like tripping.


It is important to keep our home environments safe for all the family. Some of the serious problems we can face are electrical hazards. Outlets near water, extension cords, overloaded sockets and poor wiring can all cause potential electric shocks or fires. It is always better to be extra cautious than risk fires.

If you’re worried about anything related to your home electrical system, then get in touch with us today at Blackout Electrical Group and we will be happy to advise on any issue.

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