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6 Ways An Electrician Can Save Your Day!

Electrical systems often need repair and maintenance but they can be the forgotten part of the house. Electrical codes are ever improving to be more safe, efficient and energy saving. Keeping them up to date is always in the home owner’s best interest. There are numerous ways an electrician can help you. Read on for ways they can literally save your day.

01. If your circuit trips often

If your circuit trips often or your fuses blow, then there may be a dangerous fault in your circuit. This can be dangerous in some instances, however, it can simply also be a major inconvenience. With more and more workplace meetings taking place online, it can interrupt important discussions and work related activities. Calling your electrician will help ensure this is taken care of.

02. Wires everywhere

If you have multiple plugs at your outlets and there are wires running everywhere under rugs and carpets then this can look messy and unkempt. Calling an electrician will ensure your electrical system is practical and not creating an eyesore throughout your house.

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03. Flickering lights

A lot of motor driven appliances take a lot of power. Sometimes when you put on your air conditioning or dryer, you may notice lights flickering at the other end of the house. If this happens then certain appliances may need to have their own dedicated circuits. An electrician can take care of this for you.

04. Unsuitable outlets

If your appliances are mainly three pin and your outlets are outdated two pins, then amassing several dozen adaptors is impractical. An electrician can simply replace all the old outlets to what you need and use. 

05.Tingly and warm

If you get a warm tingly feeling when touching an outlet, or a small shock, then this should not be ignored. It could turn into a bigger and more dangerous problem. It is a clear sign that the demand on your electrical circuit is too great and you should call an electrician to service your electrical system as soon as possible.

06. Rust

If there are signs of rust under your main home service panel then this may be a sign that something is wrong. Problems that are seen at the panel can be an indication of deterioration within the wires and can cause major problems if not dealt with swiftly.


There are many reasons to call an electrician. From flickering lights to circuits tripping, overloads of wires at the outlets and signs of rust under service panels. Getting smaller problems looked into swiftly can save you bigger problems further down the line. 

At Blackout Electrical Group our experienced and professional electricians can take care of all your needs in the shortest time frame. Get in touch today to arrange an appointment.